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I started this post in February.  It's now July and I am just now getting around to posting it. I'm obviously one of the worst bloggers of all time.  But I suppose better late than never! After painting our kitchen, we started to put up the backsplash in February. Then my grandmother started not doing so well and passed away in March, so the backsplash was put on hold for a bit.  We finally finished it up by the end of March, but I was just lazy and never posted any pictures.

I'm not going to tell how you how to DIY your own backsplash, but I will give a little advice.  First, read about it online.  There are lots of great videos and articles that will help you out.  Second, talk to the people where ever you get your supplies - we went to Home Depot and one of the employees there was really helpful.  Third, realize its hard going into it.  Putting up the tile was easy, but grouting and cleaning the excess grout off was not.  There was a point where I felt defeated, like we would never get all the grout off the tile and almost cried.  There was another point, where I was rubbing the tile so hard to get the grout off, I thought I might throw up.  But once it was complete, it was all worth it.

Because our tile had glass in it, we had to get a non-sanded grout and thin set mortar made for glass.  Had we never asked a friendly employee at Home Depot, we would have probably got the wrong thing and scratched up the glass.  

The first bit of tile we put it. We didn't have to get a wet saw to cut the tile because the tile was so little and had a mesh backing holding it all together.  We just used a razor blade to slice the mesh backing to cut the tile the size we needed.

All the tile up! And clean countertops - seriously rare in our house.

A shot of the other side of the kitchen and tile.

A close up of the tile under the microwave with the surface light on. 

A little before and after of the kitchen.
Before we started tiling.

After - but we hadn't quite got the oven back against the wall! 

If you decide to tile your own backsplash, you'll definitely save some money on installation.  For the large space we had to tile, we ended up spending well over $500 for all of our supplies.  No idea what installation would have cost, but I'm assuming it would have been near $1,000 total.  Even though it was hard, I'm glad we did it ourselves and saved a little money! 


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