Kitchen: (Basically) Complete

The kitchen is now the most completed room in the house with two exceptions. One: I want new floor. Two: I wish my refrigerator was black.  I wanted to actually paint it black, but logistically it just wasn't going to work.  So I'll keep scheming for ideas to turn it black, but until then, a gross off-white/beige is what I have.

Anyways, let's not dwell on what I don't have, but instead focus on all of the good things that I do have in the kitchen.  Here's a list of all the kitchen updates we have made:
  1. Painted the kitchen red
  2. Put up tile and glass backsplash
  3. Added lights under the cabinets
  4. Got a new kitchen table (thanks Mom and Dad!)
  5. Added some art on the walls (TJ Maxx/Home Goods)
One more thing I still need to do - buy a new trash can.  I'm not sure why I've put that off for so long, but it's on my list and a high priority.  I'll try to find one a like within the next few weeks. But for now, onto the updated pictures of the kitchen!




We have stuff all over the counters.  I am not one of those people who can live with only three things on there and that's it.  I need my mixer, coffee maker, blender, flour, bread, wine, etc. on the counter for easy access.

A little paint, a few things on the wall, and some tile go a long way. It's nice to see it all finally come together! And it feels good to have one room that I'm 98% happy with - now on to other rooms in the house!


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