Under the Cabinet Lights

A lot of our wonderful friends have sent us a variety of presents since we announce our nuptials.  One friend, Zoe, was sweet enough to get us a gift card to Home Depot, as she knew we had been making quite a few updates to the house.  We decided to use that to get lights for under our cabinets.  These are not hard wired, and if you were to look under the cabinets, you would see a string of cords tacked up.  However, it's all hidden, so I could care less how electricity is getting to the lights!

Jon likes to spread all of the pieces out and read the instructions before starting any task.

Please excuse all the (clean) dishes over to the side, but I had to snap a picture of my husband in action.

Lights in! And turned out! Also, nothing on the countertops - that's a rare site in this house! Not sure why the light looks purple at the very top. We do not have purple lights in our kitchen.

With just the lights under the cabinets on.  

We're quite happy with the results! It's especially useful when cooking, as there is just a little bit more light to see what the heck we are doing.  With these lights in and the backsplash complete, the kitchen is as close to done as it will be! More on that to come! 


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